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The YUNI brand reflects the life journey of its guiding spirit, Emmanuel Rey. Armed with a degree in agricultural engineering, Emmanuel left his native France to work as a coffee and cocoa buyer in West Africa. Seeing an opportunity to empower farmers, he began teaching traditional small plantation growers how to produce bigger crops of premium quality products and how to negotiate for fair prices in the market. Leveraging his intimate knowledge of cocoa production, Emmanuel moved to the Netherlands to become a cocoa trader. His personal connection to the people and places behind the commodities gave him a unique perspective. The experience deepened his awareness of exploitative practices in worldwide markets and revealed an emerging opportunity to create products for people who were seeking ethically sourced goods.



Alex here! Thank you so much for stopping by Clean Beauty Compendium. Let's jump into it. Clean Beauty Compendium started because I am super passionate about transparency and honesty in all aspects of business practices. And there was a serious lack of education in those areas for the beauty industry. Here our main focus is on ingredient transparency and deciphering marketing lingo in the beauty industry (that isn't monetarily motivated) so you have no doubts about the safety of your products. Our second goal is to have the most up-to-date product directory.

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