HAIR! We love it, we hate it, we have lots of it, we’re losing it, we dye it, and we fry it, but how often do we nourish it?

There are thousands of treatments on the market from deep conditioning to growth encouraging and everything in between. So why don’t we talk about hair like we talk about skin?

Scroll through your Instagram Friday through Sunday, and you will see tons of posts about relaxing baths and expanded skin care routines, but how many do you see about sitting down and enjoying 20–30 minutes with a good hair mask? It is our crowning glory yet it often doesn’t receive the same attention as our skin.

I am guilty of this too, and I have dry, damaged, curly hair (I lovingly refer to as my jewfro).

Now that’s out of the way, let’s all take this moment to rededicate 20–30 minutes of each weekend to a good hair mask and a good book and glass of wine.

Alright, rededicated?… Wooh! Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of treatments.

Hair Treatments

Here’s a most-likely all to familiar scenario: you make the decision to start pampering your hair again, but go through your bathroom and find that you don’t have any deep conditioners.

You hop in the car, head to the store, and go straight to the beauty aisle. Looking at the shelves, you quickly realize that there are no less than 15 deep conditioners that supposedly offer the same results… where do you start?

Firstly, identify your main hair goal. Do you want smoother hair, need to repair damage, want to restore shine, or replenish moisture?

Once you have identified your primary desire, you need to know which ingredients will help you achieve that goal. Please be aware that some ingredients will have multiple benefits for secondary goals.

If smoother hair is what you want most in life, then you want to look for a couple of kinds of ingredients:


    Something that forms a film around your hair shaft – these should be natural oils such as broccoli seed or argan, or plant extracts such as marshmallow root
    Proteins, peptides, and butters can also be very helpful
    Honey is always a good choice as it will draw moisture to your scalp to help encourage smoother new growth

Do you prefer home treatments? Check these out.


This is where proteins are an incredibly important ingredient. It’s actually the ingredient you should be most concerned with! Oils can be good here, but you will get much better results from a well formulated cream treatment. Some ingredients that are proven in repairing damaged hair:



    hydrolyzed baobab protein – great for improving elasticity
    hydrolyzed wheat and rice proteins
    hydrolyzed keratin – rebuilds hair strength
    biotin is also great
    tamanu and black castor seed oils

Hydrolyzed is important here because it means that it is broke down into smaller components that can be easily absorbed by hair.

Fore restoring shine, oils might be a better bet. Some great oils to look for are:


    pumpkin seed
    vitamin E (non-gmo)

Some other great ingredients are:

    honey… again
    panthenol and pro-vitamin B5
    aloe vera
As far as moisture goes, oils can be good for this, but you will probably see better results with a cream treatment. Ingredients to look for are:


    apple cider vinegar
    proteins such as rice, quinoa, wheat, or baobab
    honey (humectant)
    milks can be very beneficial here specifically goat’s milk or coconut milk
    butters such as avocado, mango, cocoa, or shea butters will be very beneficial as well

Here are some of our favorite treatments at tCBC:

SheaMoisture offers some great options. Are you on the hunt for a smoothing deep conditioner that will help maintain healthy hair? Pick up the Smooth & Repair deep conditioning treatment.

If you regularly color treat or your hair holds a lot of water, but dries out really quickly, the High Porosity deep conditioner will be your new best friend.

Need to repair damage and encourage new hair growth? Don’t hesitate to grab a tub of the Strenghten, Grow, and Restore. The only (maybe) downside to this treatment is it tends to smell like play-doh.

All of these are cleanly formulated. They retail for less than $13.00, and you can often find them at ULTA for “buy on get on 50% off”.

Innate Life offers a fantastic all around mask for finer textures. Their Herbal Mask smells and feels fantastic. It leaves hair super soft and shiny on its own, but if it’s been an exceptionally tough week or you heat style frequently, add in several drops of their Rose Elixir for even more body and shine.

DIY is also a good way to go. Many things in the kitchen are just as beneficial on your hair as they are in your body.
Lots of people use egg in their DIY’s but before you go cracking on on your head, read this great article about the pros and cons.

And here’s a special treat:

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