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About Ingredient Quick Guides

Who really has (or wants to spend) hours researching the safety of an ingredient? Not many people, but we love it!! So we’ve compiled some quick reference guides for you to quickly peruse.

These guides will give you a quick overview of good ingredients and ingredients best avoided.

Please know that these ingredient guides are not meant to be the end all be all of which ingredients are a-okay or should be avoided. They are simply relatively short lists of the most common ingredients we have seen in cosmetic formulations that you can reference quickly and easily.

Guide to Alcohols

Guide to Artificial Colors & Dyes

A quick ingredient guide to banned artificial dyes & Colors


Resources we use for reference:

  1. Cosmetic Ingredients Review
  2. Chemists Corner


Alex here! Thank you so much for stopping by Clean Beauty Compendium. Let's jump into it. Clean Beauty Compendium started because I am super passionate about transparency and honesty in all aspects of business practices. And there was a serious lack of education in those areas for the beauty industry. Here our main focus is on ingredient transparency and deciphering marketing lingo in the beauty industry (that isn't monetarily motivated) so you have no doubts about the safety of your products. Our second goal is to have the most up-to-date product directory.

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