What is Unbranded?

Unbranded  /ˌənˈbrandəd/

  • Unapologetic eco-concious style
  • A philosophy; a way of life
  • Owning who you are wherever you are on your journey through life (minus other people’s expectations and definitions of you)
  • NOT an excuse to judge someone for loving Gucci purses or Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts

Who is Unbranded?


A bomb-ass violin-making school!

The most polite gangsta’ you’ll ever meet, and the mastermind behind Unbranded.

— Welcome to Unbranded —

It has been my dream to create a safe haven for young adults/adults who are young at heart who are on the journey of being themselves for themselves and saying “fuck you” to anyone who doesn’t love them for that — not to mention… looking great while they do it — AND I need your help to make it a reality!

Wear it, watch it, or read it if you want to. The biggest tragedy is not being yourself for fear of judgement.


 — A Little Bit More About Me —

One of my passions in life is supporting companies that give a damn about the quality of their products and the people that make the products for them. It always seems that most companies are pulling excuses out of their asses every time they are asked why they don’t change certain practices.

That’s why I focus on eco-conscious fashion (affordable and high-end) — including some brands that are committed to changing their production practices for the better — and I hope this site becomes a great resource for those of you who focus on those things when choosing your products.

Another one of the fires fueling me through life, is constantly striving to be the most honest version of me. We have all struggled with those moments of “Do I admit I like Inuyasha and risk the chastisement?”.

As I’ve gotten older, given less fucks, and become comfortable in my own skin, I’ve noticed other people going through the same struggles without anyone to encourage them not to give a damn.

My ultimate goal for this site… is to be just that.

I hope Unbranded becomes a place where anyone struggling with choosing between who they really and the façade people expect them to wear can find the encouragement and the courage to be their truest self!

Oh… and, of course, to celebrate all of you out there already going through life respectfully not giving a fuck!

With much love and enthusiasm,

Alex B.

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